Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Devon, Newquay, St Ives and the rest......

Hi darlings,

So I know I have posted anything recently but I have an excuse I promise! I was whisked away on a surprise trip by my lovely BF!. I had an amazing time, I literally didn't want to come back. All together we covered 1000 miles altogether, starting off in Devon then moved on to St Ives which was way to over populated so we ended up in Newquay.

Also along the way we visited the Eden Project to experience its new 1 mile long zip wire, which is the longest in England! It was amazing and I have included a pic and video just to prove it!. My philosophy is that you only live once so I will give most things a go.

Here are some photo's from my trip, hope you enjoy:

Just in-case you thought it sounded easy!

Note to self: Never do a fringe when taking on a zip wire! lol 

Wicked waves at Devon

Me toiling away

Ooooh a well deserved sweet treat! Mmmm

O yes and it wouldn't quite be summer without a cocktail in hand! he he

I was trying to do an evil eye, didn't quite work with sand.

 Cornwall can seem tropical at times... Lovely 

Hiked to the top of a hill, felt like I was the star of a Nike advert! Only with more heavy breathing and sweat! lol


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