Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Chante Queen Of Nails!

Hi guys,

So recently I went through my phone and realized just how many different nail designs I have had. I have tried all types of nails, gel, acrylic and natural (my current state) and I have enjoyed them all but I have now gone back to natural as my nails had begun to get seriously damaged.

There was a point late last year when I realized I was slightly addicted to the nail shop, to the point when my nail lady started pre-designing for my next visit! I was probably at the nail bar once a week. People at work were actually excited to see what I would do next, it was quite entertaining really. I suppose my personal style is funky/sophisticated, and having bold nails always ensures I bring the funk!

So I have decided to give you a few pics from my nail journey starting with my current design that I have done all by myself, hope you enjoy:

Mint Green Graphic Print: I wanted to combine the pastel trend with my love of graphic prints. This is my current everyday choice.

Leopard: This was my first attempt, I'm still trying to perfect it (Excuse the half eaten feast there was a heat wave in london!).


Sherbet all sorts: Did these when I was on holiday, fancied something fun.

Crackle effect: One of the biggest nail trends to date, I was obsessed with it for a year.  I think I'm all crackled out now!

Deep Pink: Sharp and sexy

Polka dot: Sweet and cute

Fire: I loved this design done by a beautician in a business event I attended (sorry cant remember her name)

Graphic nails: Easy nail design anyone with a steady hand can do, this was my first attempt.

Hippie nails: This is what happens if a girl has too much time on her hands! 

Magnetic: This has been a big nail trend, and I love it. Has saved me a few trips to my nail lady!

Nude: The perfect nude color for darker skin tones, try a more salmon tone for fair skin.

Orange: This is one of my fav summer time colors, lovely and zesty

New years Eve 2011: I always like a bit of sparkle it's the drag queen in me!

Coral: One of the many breaks I took from Acrylic nails

Understated salmon: Well as much as very long acrylics can be.

Please share any ideas you have for me because I'm always looking to try something new, and I would love to see pictures of your past nail looks.

Love Chante. XX

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